Brynn \B-R-I-N\, pn


A lover of: fake mustaches, gorge jumping, airports, egg mcmuffins, rollerblading in the park, typing post-manicure, facial exfoliants, long island summers, the north shore, lake houses, food, vampy red lipstick, humor writing, running on the river, manhattan and its boroughs, the olson twins, travel, wigs, adrian grenier, culture, skinny mirrors, orchestra, new york magazine’s approval matrix, local music, kate hudson, new running sneakers, soccer, black nailpolish, vintage clothing, down comforters, cigarettes, brooklyn, suit-clad men, ridiculous shoes, anne lamott, red plaid, fingerless gloves, precocious kids, plump lips, tailored navy blue blazers, boot slippers, oversized bags, mittens, religion, the adirondacks, hoodies, jeremy piven, the violin, classical music, skinny jeans, the hamptons, asian cuisine, broadway musicals, rufus wainwright, rufus wainwright’s horn section, sunburns, bucket seats, road trips, fashion week, pashminas, enormous rings (not the engagement kind), fat diamonds (the engagement kind), almost famous (the movie, the hope), navy blue, the stationary set, oversized scarves, boho chic (the style), egg whites and turkey on wheat, boys, white teeth, new sheets, mock-necked coats and sweaters, layered necklaces, apple ciders (starbucks), nourit, the late moe (my former cat), pizza and more.

(*I’ve started this blog so that my friends and family may follow along with my Thailand/Cambodia travels this coming winter. What follows is still TBD. Your vote counts.)



One Response to “Brynn \B-R-I-N\, pn”

  1. Linnie P Says:

    I cannot stop laughing over your exhange with Fran about the money pouch. I will be checking in frequently – this is amazing, you are amaxing and, as well, extremely attractive. Merry Christmas from New York. Think of you always! xo.

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