Michelle Gadot


It is she, Michelle Gadot, who has been my unofficial travel consultant. In the image above, she is standing at the forefront of the Ho Chi Minh trail, Vietnam.

We are fellow Ithacans, and to my delight,  she is as much now as she was back in college among the Ithaca [is] Gorges dedicated to cultural tolerance, religious freedom and partying. Everything I have planned, researched and booked (and not, advisedly, booked!) has been inspired by Michelle and her recent year-long exploration of SE Asia.

Soon, I will flee the comfort of my hid-day-ously furbished NYC office and fly 25 hours into Thailand (with a 2-hour layover in Tokyo that makes me happier than it should)  to a city whose latitude and longitudinal reading varies from the country itself: Bangkok! During my 1st solo traveling debut, I will also visit Chiang Mai, Cambodia and Koh Samet. (A more detailed itin to come…)

This is my tiny thanks to Michelle, who I couldn’t have done it without. Word to your motha’.


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