“I’m gonna miss you, troll.” -Kate

I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch with you guys–I see that some of you are feeling unsettled. In my defense, please know that my boss decided to get married at the same time that I decided to go to Thailand (just kidding–totally happened the exact opposite way; selfish <– me), thus my workload has been crazy and the work parties have been a little bit crazier. I may not be able to text you all before I go, but this is my little departure note:  Love you all, you’re extremely attractive and thanks for the support and help. 🙂


One Response to ““I’m gonna miss you, troll.” -Kate”

  1. Aubrey MacIver Fry Says:

    I hope you meet someone cute on the tuck tuck to Sam Reap…I know I butchered that, but you know what I mean. Miss you already! Have an amazing time!

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