Last day, Bangkok

Hi guys! Thanks for all the comments–makes me feel special.

Toni, Rae, Mom–glad you enjoyed Christmas and apple cider w/ cinn sticks out of big glass mugs, as per usual. Miss you!

All my single ladies–I’m cool with you having a high school reunion without me, but I’m not cool with you spelling Thailand “Tialand.” J/K. Kind of. But, yes, Calli is amazing–pillows/no pillows. Missed you all this Christmas.

Jess–not totally sure I’m smarter than a Thai 5th grader. :-/

Well, I only have 2B to write this:

Things are amazing, to be honest. Loving every second of my mornings, afternoons and nights. Noodles every meal, lots of people-watching, made some cool friends in my guest house who have lived everywhere and who BTW live HERE for $300 bucks a month (free internet), and I’ve also been spending a lot of time with Chad’s friend Jun, who has been so nice to me that it kind of makes me want to cry a little. Learning a lot from her about the language, culture, etc, just by being around her. She took me out with a few friends the other night to a bar in “midtown” and a club in Sukhumvit near Chad’s condo, and it was HIGH-larious. Thai cover bands are awesome. Also awesome, looking around this enormous club and realizing everyone was holding the same EXACT drink–Red Label and Crystal (club soda). We went out to a sidewalk noodle shop afterwards and it really wasn’t any different than a bunch of rowdy drunk kids at a pizza place in NY, except for the little Thai children trying to sell me roses for 2oB.

Sunday Market

Sunday Market

Chad’s cousin Bass flew in yesterday morning, and we all (me, Jun, Bass) met at this huge Sunday market for some shopping/noodles, and it was really nice to see him. He loved browsing the boutiques with me! Totally into women’s fashion. Also, I’m joining his pickup soccer game tonight! Should be interesting… I’m glad for the chance to exercise, though. I FEEL HUGE.

Mmm–that’s all. Will try to write more later, though I may not be able to.

Leaving tomorrow morning for the beach, and then going almost directly to Chiang Mai. Coming back to Bangkok for a few hours on the 4th of Jan, but leaving for Cambodia same day. Cambodia until the 8th, flight back to Bangkok, flight home.

Really looking forward to Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand) and the trek. Linnie, you would LOVE this. Elephants, bamboo rafting, hiking, “willages,” etc.

Hope everyone is well.



One Response to “Last day, Bangkok”

  1. Linnie P Says:

    ooo B! So cool! Everything sounds amazing and new and exciting! Try and ride an elephant!! What’s the “trek?” I want to do something called that!

    pictures, pictures, pictures! xo forever and always!

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