Lots of vendors on the beach...

Just got in from the beach. Can’t say I recommend Pattaya–and it might have been my first mistake this trip–but the experience wasn’t completely bent.

Lady boy on the left, Kholoud on the right... Holla.

Lady boy on the left, Kholoud on the right... Holla.

Pattaya is the hub of Thailand’s sex industry and is swarming with Lady Boys. Seriously. Not only are they everywhere, but so are the old men who go to Pattaya specifically for them. Apparently, they’re preferred over Thai women (even though Thai women are their direct motivation) because Lady Boys are taller and have more attractive facial features (said the creepy Austrian at the pool this morning). Anyway, it’s all very amusing and interesting, to be honest–and most of my night with a few friends from Cambridge who I met on the tour to Coral Island was spent dodging their come-ons. I’m still undecided whether or not the nightlife alone, though, was worth the experience. We had a great time.


I wore that headband for you, Cal...

Anyway, I got there around 10:30 a.m. yesterday morning, and from that point on, I felt like I was part of this big evacuation experiment. The tour guides rushed us off the bus, into the EBS office, onto the MOST violent speed boat ride of my life through the Gulf of Thailand, to Coral Island, which was I think Thailand’s version of Smith Point aside from the crystal-clear water, and so on and so on.  We made a few stops along the way at a parasailing and water walking station in the middle of the gulf, led by Thai men wearing snow hats over their faces to protect their skin from getting any darker (which made them look like bandits and the whole scene just a little bit more unpleasant). I think Pattaya, though, is one of the most profitable tourist destinations in the world–and everything I mentioned above is why. However, I did manage to catch some sun, played some beach sports and met some really great people (who all felt as roped into that tour as I did).

Blah blah blah–I’m thrilled to back in Bangkok. I love this city. I’m leaving again, though, in a few hours on a 2nd-class sleeper to Chiang Mai. Basically, I get on a train around 7:30 p.m., party the night away with whoever I meet, and wake up in the morning and I’m there. YES. I have plans to poss meet up with Chad’s family there (they have a house not too far from where I’m staying), though I might just hang out at the hotel/on the Street Bazaar tomorrow night for the New Year’s celebration, which is supposed to be bonkers. Then the next morning, I leave for my trek through the jungle! Woo.

OH–I don’t know if I mentioned this, but some of you will find it amusing:  I got my hair highlighted for B800 (about $25) and it looks HORRIBLE. I deserve it, though.  C’mon, Brynn.

Linnie, It was a typo–LOL. Meant to write “foot massage.” But I will massage you with noodles ANY TIME.

Lea, so good to hear from you! I miss you, too. What is your shoe size?

I’m gonna try to upload a few more pics throughout this blog and previous blogs, so check back if you’d like. Oh, and, money pouch…CHECK.


4 Responses to “Pattaya”

  1. toni Says:

    hi sweetie..sounds like your having fun…can you bring home a ladyboy for me and paul? lol! enjoy chaing mai! paul asked if you could not ride on any elephants while you are there cause he thinks its u

  2. Cal Says:

    B!! What a beautiful blog! I know that scarf! 😉 We missed you at Christmas but we got a healthy dose of B-havior from the wedding DVD. HILarious. I’m so proud of you- you’re clearly having the time of your life and owning it. LOVE you so much. xo

  3. Michelle Says:

    I can’t believe you went to Pattaya. I don’t think I included that in Michelle’s Guide to Thailand.

  4. Sukeri Says:

    Great post! Found another site which I must admit has come in handy: TravelMonks

    They have a pretty good dynamic map of a lot of places and things, like this one on nightlife or this one on wireless internet places.

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