Food Market

Kalae Food Market

I wanted to upload some photos from today before all these memories get trumped by the next three days in the jungle.

picture-0021I’m gonna ignore everything that happened last night on the train (turns out I only got a seat on the way here, and 12 hours later, I was hurtin’ pretty badly…) and just jump right to Chiang Mai. Blah, blah, blah…walked the streets all morning after a lame workout on my guest house floor, ate some Tom Yum Mai and dropped about $15 on a full-body oil massage (hard core, BTW–they don’t mess around). Weird thing about Chiang Mai: lots of Irish/English pubs, some German, Mexican and Italian restaurants, McDonalds and Burger King, and sadly, Starbucks. I just don’t understand how they can install a Starbucks on a street directly next to another on which people are literally working and living out of sheds/on toilet water. Do you? Ect, ect…walked around a little more, snacked on some kind of Thai ice cream shake and then decided to start heading to the other side of picture-0071town. On the way, I strolled into a few temples and took some pics/looked around, but as I was leaving one particular Wat, a young monk (novice, if you will)  named Udon  stopped me to ask me what “frustration” and “exaggerate” mean, and we ended up talking for three hours about all kinds of good stuff–Buddhism, his life, his secret girlfriend (which I obviously had a lot to say about) and all that stuff that I dig, etc. I’ll fill in those of you care in private–don’t feel like getting all deep via blog. Either way, it was kind of awesome, and he invited me back to the temple to ring in the New Year “peacefully” tonight. I’m like, I like peace…

picture-0041ANYWAY–the best part is yet to come. So, I leave the temple and have an hour to kill before I have to meet with my tour guide for How Not to Die In the Jungle 101, and I’m strolling along literally praying for some magical food carnival to appear in front of me, and like out of a freakin’ TV show, or Thailand, it totally does. I swear–it was so unbelievable that as I was walking away I kept looking back to make sure it all really happened.








Sister, Mom–note Dumpling Heaven. All over it…



A traditional dessert: noodles, crushed ice, coconut milk. Don’t knock it ’til ya try it is really all I can say about that.






Alright–I’m out. Heading back to the guest house to clean up and then hitting the streets again.

Happy New Year everyone. Eight means make out!


2 Responses to “Food Market”

  1. Rae Says:

    winnie, food looks amazing! Chris says no way jose on the gummie worm-lookin’ dessert. Spending a low-key new year in the kitchen with LB making all sort of yummy food and prepping for our big run in CP. Miss you mucho, and wish you were here to die with me in the snow. Glad you’re having loads of ridic fun. xoxo Sis

  2. toni Says:

    brynnie, wow, that food market looked awesome! i hope you indulged! id eat the worms! chris must be a sissy! lol…i hope you had a great new year and lots of fun! miss you!

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