Chiang Mai Trek & More



Here are some pics from the journey through the jungle.

Our guides were great, and I totally lucked out in terms of company. I can’t believe it’s already over!

Lots of love and luck to my group…


the guides on the back of the truck

our guide, Charlie

our guide, Charlie, getting ready to blow fire in my face

the guys braving the waterfall

the guys braving the waterfall

the Kiwis, Mon and Jeremy

the Kiwis, Mon and Jeremy

breakfast at the camp

breakfast at the camp

elephant riding (sorry to those who this offends!)

me and raj reacting to something (sorry to those who this offends!)

up the Wat

up the Wat

the Colombian and the Aussie, Luisa and George

the Colombian and the Aussie, Luisa and George

i like this pic of Vu, the Australian Vietnamese

i like this pic of Vu, the Australian Vietnamese

There are tons more that I’ll upload on Facebook when I get back. K?

Tonight is my last night in Chiang Mai, and I’m off to Cambodia tomorrow. I’ll be en route for quite some time, though, without email. If any other bombs go off, check the itin that I posted earlier on in the month for my location.


Yeah, Giraffes

Everything is great. Did Chiang Mai city today after a really fun dinner/trek cap with the group last night. Glad I made time for the zoo and all that other stuff that I kind of felt obligated to do (cutting the mountain hopping short was a good decision). Anyway, trying to fight what seems like a cough or something that I’m sure I caught from sleeping in the same mosquito net as some of my sick trek mates, but other than that, everything is wonderful.

Enjoy your weekend! I’ll do the same.


6 Responses to “Chiang Mai Trek & More”

  1. toni Says:

    you rode the elephants! OFFENSIVE! BAD GIRL! I hope you feel better

  2. Linnie P Says:

    Oh my, B! Those pics are unreal!! You rode an elephant!! You’re like Muglee(?) from The Jungle Book! I LOVE IT! What an amazing adventure!!

    love love love

  3. Aubs Says:

    Hey girl! Sorry I haven’t been writing. I was getting in a lot of family time at home. But I have been keeping up on your entries! Holy cow, you’ve been busy! I can’t wait to hear more stories, see ALL of your pictures, and hear about the great people you’re meeting. Miss you lady!

    (smiley face)


  4. Aubs Says:

    P.s. I do have a good story about New Years for you…tell you when you get back!

  5. Timothy Says:

    Brynn you rock! Wishing you continued safe travels and thanks for all the updates. You deserve this trip of a lifetime.

  6. Aubs Says:

    Also, don’t know if you’re getting your daily dose of Style Rookie…but today was a good one…
    “I basically cut out the lip shape of a pink shirt I thrifted from the Salvation Army and lined it with ribbon. Unfortunately it ended up looking less like fun lips and more like the lips of a lady that sits a table over at the diner and wears tan slacks and ugly statement jewelry every day and spits creamcheese everywhere when she talks and has lipstick on her teeth and always, ALWAYS orders a grilled cheese sandwich and you’re deathly afraid that one day she’ll follow you home and try to gobble you up, too. Generally speaking, of course.”

    Miss you!

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